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Twisted Intestine Can Lead To Serious Injury Or Death If Not Diagnosed

Posted by Frank Spector | Dec 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

The typical scenario is a person goes to the emergency room with terrible stomach pain. Although stomach pain can be caused by non-serious conditions, a twisted intestine is not one of them. It's very serious.

If someone cannot have a bowel movement and cannot pass gas, a twisted intestine can be the cause.

A doctor has to ask lots of questions about the pain, bowel movement issues and the inability to pass gas.

A thorough stomach exam must be done such as feeling for swelling and listening to the stomach with a stethoscope to determine if  there are abnormal bowel sounds. CT scans may also have to be done.

A twisted intestine means that not only bowel can't get through, but blood is being cut off to the gut. If there is no blood flow, the gut will die. This can put a person's life in grave danger.

Surgery must be done to untwist the gut before serious and permanent damage happens.

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